Extract / dump GB / GBC / GBA Savegames on Analogue Pocket

Using the Memories function (save states), we can dump / extract / backup the savegames from real GB / GBC / GBA cartridges on the Analogue Pocket.

You should be on current Analogue Pocket Firmware. With Firmware 1.1, the Memories function not only creates a dump of the current state of the game, it extracts a .sav file that you can backup, use in an emulator or in the openFPGA Core by spiritualized1997 (https://github.com/spiritualized1997).

There are some rare cases (Pokemon Emerald..) where no .sav file is created. In this case, you can only backup the Memory (.sta) file and follow my other tutorials. You can modify this tutorial and do it in reverse to transfer a real cartridge Memory to the openFPGA core, which then should create a .sav file!

  1. insert the cartridge and launch into your game
  2. press Analogue+Up to create a new Memory = save state
  3. quit the game and find your .sav file on the SD-card in card in card:/Memories/Save States
    • this is the savegame, that additionally exists on your cartridge
    • there also is a .sta file, wich is the save state, that technically also includes the savegame in hex format somewhere beside all the other information like all the contents of the RAM

You can now backup this .sav (and optionally the .sta) file to a safe place!